Hello! My name is Pam and this is my photography blog. Thank you for stopping by. This is a Columbus, OH based business that specializes in Engagement, Maternity, Newborn, Babies, Children and Family Photography. I have always enjoyed photography and feel blessed that I am able to make a 'job' out of it. I look forward to capturing moments in your lives for you to cherish for years to come. Please check back to view my most recent sessions and running specials.



Tips and Tricks

These are just a few helpful tips that I thought I'd pass along to keep each shoot as smooth, comfortable, and fun as possible. :)


Schedule the shoot as early as possible. I say "up to 10 days" is best, but earlier than a week is even better. The photos that you are picturing in your head tend to be nearly impossible as they get older - each day counts for a sleeping baby.

Make sure your baby is fed. And don't worry if we have to stop and feed him/her again throughout the shoot. If thats what helps baby sleep - then thats what we'll do.

Please bring a paci -- even if your child hasn't taken to one yet. Sometimes its all the soothing they need.

Don't worry if your baby pees and poops on my stuff ;) That is why my washer has a "sanitize" cycle.

I will do my job of keeping them warm and snuggly with a heater, but never hesitate to do what you do best as a momma :)

Portraits (child):

Have your child wear whatever you know they'll be comfortable in.

Bright colors are usually the most fun in pictures.

Don't hesitate to talk with me about any crazy idea you may have - I am open to anything new!

I also am always interested in fun, new locations.

I love balloons for birthday shoots and bubbles are great for distracting.

Think about when your child gets hungry/tired when scheduling a time.

***Also, something new I've instated is the "quick quit" for child shoots. :) If your child seems to be in a bad mood/overtired/cranky/not having it and you want to simply take the photos we've gotten and end the session, I will adjust the price to a mini-session fee of $75 as long as it has not been longer than 20 mins. Just remember that the amount of photos you receive will likely be lower than a full hour session.

Portraits (teen/adult):

We are going to have fun, I promise. Just relax and be natural. I want to capture you in your element ;) Teens/seniors - bring anything that you think exhibits who you are. When choosing a location, talk to me about your interests so we can make sure they are incorporated wherever we go.

Parents: decide whether or not your teen will be more comfortable without you there ;) sometimes a quiet kid can be more outgoing when mom or dad isn't around.

Headshots can be done indoors on a studio backdrop for a professional look or outdoors for something more natural.


Try not to dress exactly the same. Complimentary colors look best - browns/greens or different shades of blue, etc... its up to you. I know you can get more creative than white/khaki ;)

As with single portraits, take each member into consideration when booking a time.

Relax. We dont want every picture posed and perfect - I want to take pictures of how your family IS! Fun, crazy, loving... all of it.


Book as early as possible, but plan on having your session around 32-34wks.

As your belly starts to grow, decide on when you'd like to be photographed. If that happens to be earlier than others - then perfect. If you want to grow some more, sounds good to me. Just keep me updated along the way.

Wear something you are comfortable in.

Do not wear tight or full/half band pants to the shoot - they can leave lines on your belly :) Wearing comfy yoga pants or something similar means less adjusting later for those bare belly shots.